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Silverwings establishes at 1996 in Athens Greece.

We start producing high quality silver leaf model display aircrafts using our Patent technique until today..

All this years we have serve our clients all over the world.

Silverwings manufacture hand crafted silver leaf models using genuine 925 silver leaf with the utmost attention to scale detail. The aircraft models are built to accurate scales of 1/72, 1/48 and 1/144 and the vehicles are available in 1/24 scale.

Each model is uniquely hand made one at a time in true scale of the original. and is then hand burnished to a beautiful satin sheen, and coated with special lacquers to retain the finish and maintain the shine long after it is acquired..

The large range of models provide the ultimate decorative item for the desk or the den of any pilot, modeler, hobbyist, or collector and include aircraft covering WWII, through modern jet fighters and helicopters, as well as Tank ,submarines….

Prices: Our prices range from 80.00 € to 200.00 €
Each model is constructed on the requirements of your own.
Tell us about the model that is desirable and we will respond immediately..